Monday, April 8, 2013

Sponge-Bob and Patrick "Bellowing Waves!"

Gigantic waves bellowed over Sponge-Bob as he frighteningly surfed his heart out. “Woooo!” His surfboard slid to the other side of the water, he splashed into the deep blue sea while Patrick was spectating him. “OOOoooooooh!” Patricks lowered throat vocalised as \ he was thinking about plan.  . “Apply the sauce.” He confidently mentioned. With a certain mind, he pulled out his super glue, squirt it on his surfboard and attached his feet onto it. Into the aqua water he went. “I will not be separated from this surfboard.” Patrick aforementioned as he bravely faced his fears. Suddenly, he saw a rock that he was travelling towards. “Rock!! SEPARATE SEPARATE!!” He exclaimed. The surfboard loudly clashed into the rock................ “BOOOOWOWOWOWOWOWOWWOWOWO!!” His skeleton flicked up and all that was left on his surfboard was his defunct body skin after a dramatic idea of applying the sauce onto his surfboard. Patrick’s dead skin floated to the skeleton which was sticking upside down on the hot and crunchy sand. “I like your sandals. Thanks we’re inseparable.” They tiredly said face-to-face.


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