Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Fireworks!" Story Spines

(We have been playing around with Story Spines. Do you know what Story Spines are? If you are not so sure, it has to include 10 people with 10 prompts/topics. For example: I am the first person to start so that means I finish off the topic from "Once upon a time." This story (below) is the story I started with as it went on and on to my group members so they could finish off the other different sentence beginninsg. I was put into "Da Boyz!" Group and our story was about "Fireworks." Feel free to try it and leave a comment.

Hosannah: Once upon a time there lived a man who was planning to buy some fireworks for Guy-Fawkes.

Jesiah: Everyday he was trying to save up for lots of fireworks.

Anthony: But one day he got out the big firework. He was around lots of kids. He lighted the big firework and it dropped and hit a car  burnt the grass.

Neyo: Because of that he had to pay $250 to pay the threatening damage to the car and the grass.

Max: Because of that firework had destroyed the man’s and his grass, the man was not at all so he called the police.

Logan: Because of that the police came and he told them what had happened. They didn't really understand the man.

Htawara: Until finally the police arrested the man and was sentenced 500 hours community service.

Wyatt “Ever since I was in jail, I had a much calmer life.” He said.

Calvin: The moral of the story is: Safety is important with fireworks.


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