Friday, November 15, 2013

Future Aspirations!!!

Making my way to the hall with excitement, I was hoping to be persuaded by the speakers talking to us about how to make good decisions for a good future. These inspirational people had recently made changes in their lives or had achieved their goals since the young ages (and most of them came from the east of Auckland.)

‘Today is the day I start making a fresh, good and new personality.’ I said to myself. Meeting famous stars from New Zealand and Worldwide is very dream catching. Arriving to the hall, the year seven and eight students of Pt England School were separately assigned. Year 7’s in the hall with ‘Tristan Pang’ who is a 12 year old student attending a school in Mt. Eden called ‘Ficino’ and is a year 13!!!!!!!!!! And also is excited for university. And Aisha who is a Marine Biologist.

In the street were the 8’s who were with Mosa Mafileo and Emma Brown. My favourite speaker of the day who really inspired me was Mosa Mafileo. He was hilarious with his jokes and tempting for good choices. Mosa told us to chase our ‘ddrrreeeaammmsss’ but not only that, we have to make sure we catch it. That was the most inspiring quote I had heard and also made my day.

“My goal is to catch my dreams and turn it into a reality.”


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