Thursday, November 28, 2013

Static Images

W.A.L. About Statistics.

Statistics are the images that you see and how they affect you and make you feel in different ways. Well our literacy task was to find an image (labelled for re-use) and answer the questions from the white-board.

What is the photo about? The photo is about a man spiritually ascending to heaven while his wife, who in real life before the train crash treated him badly and wasn’t accepted to paradise with him.

How does the image effect you? It reminds me of the struggles we go through in life and the temptations we get during it. This picture tells us how we should be humble, trustworthy and thankful for what we get.

What is the unique part of the photo? The unique and interesting part of this image is seeing the ascendant of a man to heaven with the cool coloured sky in the background.


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