Monday, November 4, 2013

Who is the 'Banana Thief?' - Narrative Writing

With enthusiasm, I spread out a picnic sheet under the gigantic tree which blocked me from the bright sun. It was a hot day packed with many people whom came to visit the animals at the best zoo in town, 'Mysterious, Animal World!' In the distance were, rabbits endlessly jumping high in the air, turtles slowly crawling onto the sand as it dries itself in the sun, venomous snakes viciously spiking tongues through the glass window, and 'Monkeys,' the worst animals in town or should I say on earth.

Carelessly throwing my picnic basket and banana box in the shade, I started to walk through an adventurous aisle to have a look at the awesome view of animals. Keeping an eye under the tree which had suddenly zoomed out from the vision of mine , I had just realised that I've gone too far. Slowly stumbling back towards the tree, luckily everything was still in place since the very beginning. 

"Should I visit the monkeys?" I humbly asked myself. Nah, just a waste of time. In the car park were entertaining elephants. So I decided to take a look. 

Peeking out for the basket, I see that my banana box had gone missing! Worryingly running round and round to look for my bananas, 'Who has been a cheeky pants and decided to steal? Thats unusual in Animal World.’

From behind the tree was a wagging tail and on the other side w-w-was was BANANA PEELS!. Wondering what it was, I slowly sneaked up towards the left hand side which had banana peels.

Taking a deep breath, I faced my fears and confidently stood straight.
“MMOONNKKEEYYSS!!” Eating my banana......  


Mr. Hutchings said...

Hey Hosannah,

What cheek monkeys you met in your story. I hope you at least got to enjoy the rest of your picnic. You've used some great alliteration but be careful to make sure it flows, there can be too much of a good thing sometimes :p

Maybe next time you could write about why you didn't like the monkeys to begin with?

Keep writing :) Mr. Hutchings.

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