Friday, May 25, 2012

Co-operating with Robyn Kahukiwa's Art

During "Taonga Time" some of the seniors have been put into Mrs Tele'a's group.  We have been learning about a famous artist named "Robyn Kahukiwa." She is a very talented Maori lady with her paintings and what we have been up to is that we have been doing an animation/movie that looks like one of her art. Haere mai, I hope you enjoy "my" movie."


Mele said...

HI Hosannah

What a great animation you have. I like your drawing's that you did. JUst next time, write about one thing for one paragraph. But apart from that, you did a great job.
Keep up the great work.

Chelsea said...

Hi Hosannah,

I love you're artistic drawing that you re-created. Robyn Kahukiwa is a really talented painter. I think you cose a great song that suites the was you animated.

Keep up the great work :)

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