Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Mihi 2012

  Kia ora,

Ko  Hosannah toku ingoa  My name is Hosannah
Ko Setefano toku ingoa whanau   My last name is Setefano
Ko  Maungarei te maunga    my mountain is
Ko   Tamaki te awa (Synonym for Moana)    Tamaki is the river
Ko Pt England toku kura  I go to Pt England  school
Ko Mr Harris toku kaiako My Teacher is Mr Harris
Ko Tauatama Setefano toku Matua  My father is Tauatama Setefano
Ko Tepora Talia toku whaia My Mother is Tepora Talia
No Auckland ahau  I am from Auckland
E Tekau Ma Tahi  oku tau  I am Eleven years old


Tui Semi said...

Kia ora Hosannah I love the way that you put the translation at the end so people will know what it means and how you underling were your from and who you are. And I hope sometime you might visit my blog!

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