Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Imaginary Story!!! Instrument Explorers

We didn’t know this will happen, we didn’t know we were good at it.........
Have you ever tried to make an instrument?  Do you wish you could? Well this is my imaginary writing that “could” be based on a true story....
I was living with my friends in a cave in Southern Germany. We were not cavemen but we were just hunters. Whenever we go out hunting, we always brought things back. But then one night...
A group of us went out hunting at about 6:00pm. And then guess what!!? I shot a Mammoth! After that, my friend shot a Bird!  We all took it home and explored something.  My friend and I tried to make an instrument!!! After all, instead of us eating it,  we actually made an INSTRUMENT!!!  This is what we did. We cut off the Bird skin and we were left with the Bird bone. I carved and it looked like a piece of stick. My friend put holes in it. Then we use the Mammoth Ivory and sticked on top and there we blowed it and it made a nice and beautiful sound. We called it, “The Flute.” 
All of us were amazed, surprised, and HAPPY!!! So we turned out to be famous.

Thanks to Naomi for letting me read my story to her and for saying, "That's Excellent."


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