Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Proud To "Do it Properly."

                     This week, our class homework was really interesting to me.  We had to Create a piece of writing (one paragraph or more) that includes the words: Resilience, Resurgence, Cardiac Arrest, Spree 

Well this is what I thought of doing,  “Massacre” can mean to kill.  ( it can either be to people or animals.)  There was a huge massacre in Germany.

“Resilience” means when bouncing back from something someone has been battling against. I underestimated  the resilience of something.

“Resurgence” means an after interruption, or also something you make and it is new, (Renewal.)  Did you resurgence a new copy.

“Cardiac Arrest” means a sudden, frightening, or   stopping and shocking heartbeat and cardiac function, resulting in the loss of effective circulation.   My grandpa had a Cardiac Arrest as soon as my family and I landed to New Zealand from Samoa. That's not true.

"Spree - Two teens went on a killing Spree at their high school or, this massive spending spree is aimed at getting a very good deal with computer manufacturers.

I am very proud of myself.

Thanks to my sister,

For checking my homework and for helping me. I appreciate you.


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