Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Popular Sports These Days

                      What kind of sports do you like to play?  Here are the sport I am going to write about.........

    I am going to write about Netball first. Netball is a very popular game for girls, it can also be for boys but some of us are just not into it.  In this really fit sport, there are a lot a stepping, shooting and especially PASSING!! Do you like Netball? I might if I try.  The Netball girls on TV are really talented with their skills about netball! There are also lots of positions and defense.

     Softball is really popular sport for both Girls and Boys. You have to have a baseball bat, bases, helmet and a softball.  I am not into soft ball that much because I don’t know that much rules about it. I think S
oftball was a really popular sport in the olden days.  It is still very popular in the U.S. Lots of people from our school are playing softball this year.

     Rugby! Rugby is one of my favorite sport.  My favorite is LEAGUE!! I use the 3 d’s from a Samoan movie called "The Orator“ Discipline, Defence, DACKLE.” My favorite player in the Warriors is "Shaun Johnson" so far......


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