Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jealous Me!!...

I admitted that I was jealous, but what happened at the competition wasn’t entirely my fault...

Once upon a time,  I was just so so so jealous of my BEST FRIEND!!!!!  He was staying with us for the past few weeks while his parents were in Germany.  His name was Ben and he had no brothers or sisters.

One day, we had our “Athletics Day” at school. We went to a school named South England intermediate. It was fun until I embarrassed Ben in front of everybody.  I tripped him over while he was on his way to the finish line. Everyone was laughing, “Hahahahaha, you should be ashamed of yourself Hahahahahaha.”

While we were laughing, there were tears all over his face.  Anyway, it wasn’t like the story of Cain and Abel. It was more like a threat.  He deserved it because he is always teasing me whenever he gets something from my mother and I don’t.  He is also doing things wrong like cracking a glass of water and blaming on ME!!  I was jealous that I just wanted to make him have a Cardiac Arrest!!!  (That sounds “spooky” doesn’t it.)

I finally felt sorry for him after all.  Why?  Because Germany was massacred while his parents were there.  I also felt really bad (I felt like a bully) at the end of the day.

A very big thanks to Vanila for editing my work and helping me put it into a movie.


vanila f said...

Hello Hosannah, what great work you have there, cant wait to see more work from you, KEEP UP THE O for AWESOME WORK!!

Mr H said...

Yeah, I agree with Vanila, awesome work. The expression and phrasing in your audio made the text come to life. I thought that the way you used that type of whisper was very effective for the sentence in brackets, (That sounds “spooky” doesn’t it.), in paragraph four.
Well done, Mr H.
PS Were you trying to say the whole country of Germany was massacred or just some people in that country?

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