Thursday, July 25, 2013

Jackie Thomas: NZ's 1st X Factor Winner

 TV3 calms X Factor complaints: 'Your votes went through'
Did you watch the last X Factor episode? Well on Sunday, three competitors from NZ X Factor had to sing for survival to win the massive amount of money. They were Whenua Patuwai, Benny Tipene and Jackie Thomas.
All the 3 talented singers fought the difficulty and disciplining and no one was safe through the whole competition.

Watching X Factor for the last Sunday night, I was telling everyone Whenua is going to win with confidence. They all did well and sang their hearts out. As it finished, I snuggled into bed feeling excited about all the votes Mr Patuwai could get.

Monday night:  "Well, this is it. The last episode for 2013" I said. Everyone who had been eliminated from performing live on stage came back and they all sang together. I was blown away.

The votes were in to see who goes home first. "Benny Tipene!" A lot of people may have been really sad, but I was happy as Whenua and Jackie were the last 2 left. "Ooooooh this is going to be TIGHT!" My sister said.

Jackie and Whenua has just finished singing the song they sang at their audition and it was obvious both were feeling nervous.

After the commercial, it was time to announce the winner for 2013 and it was 'JACKIE THOMAS!!' "Nooooooooooooo!"  I shouted.

Thomas' family and friends were very proud. As the end came, I felt sad!


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