Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 1: Holiday 14/07/13

Last week Friday was a really busy day. Performing, shared lunch and cleaning for next term was all we did as it was also the last day of term 2. Everyone was excited, but I really didn’t want school to finish.

My highlights for term 2 was making movies, writing my own song and creating awesomeness. Holidays maybe a time for us all to spend time with our families and friends, but it also means that everyone of us has done a great job in school. During the term, rules have changed. School now for the yr 7&8 starts at 8:30am and the difficulty for the students has increased a lot so my low-lights are having to follow the hard rules. As the end of the came, our school had an assembly as always. We watched some of the movies our senior groups has made during our literacy rotation. Some were hilarious and some were sad.

"Dididididididididididing!!!!” Well, there goes the last bell for the second term.

“Happy Holidays!!!!” Our whole school screamed and shouted in excitement. As we were leaving, I saw some sad faces and a lot of kisses and hugs!

This is what I have been up to on my first day of the holidays:
Last night Sunday, my eldest sister invited some of my cousins, nieces, nephews and her friends to come over for a movie night and a sleep over. As we were waiting for everyone to come, my sisters cleaned the big sitting room (we have 2 sitting rooms) for the kids and the small sitting room for those 16+. In the meantime, my oldest and I went to buy the ingredients dinner and also snacks & goodies for us to eat while we’re watching.

Arriving home, I knew everyone has arrived because my some of my brothers and cousins cars there. We entered the door and the little rascals were running around while the older lots played kinect and play station.

“Dinner time!” My sister called from the dining room. Everyone who had been invited walked into the dining room smelling my mum’s beautiful butter chicken. There were loads of food and my favorite was the garlic bread and Spaghetti Bolognaise.

Shortly after we finished dinner, it was dessert time. We had french vanilla with pavlova (my granddads favorite.) After we finished having dessert, we entered the sitting room which had a big screen with the projector facing it.

Shivering in our blankets, it felt like 'home' cinemas.

. We were watching  all the Madea Movies, Sound Of Music, The Blind Side, Pitch Perfect, Despicable Me, Something New and Joyful Noise (my family is really into music.) WOW! We thought. The movie started

Eating my yummy caramel popcorn, we were all given a drink, chips, lollies, chocolate and biscuit to share during the movie.

‘Something New’ had finished and lucky no-one was a sleep. My sister told us that whoever sleeps last doesn't get to do any chores tomorrow morning after breakfast. We’re going to bowling tomorrow.

After about 3 movies, 7 of my cousins fell asleep and there was only 13 of us left.  During our fourth movie, I felt really tired and couldn't bare to keep my eyes open so I gave up.

Sleeping in my comfortable bed I suddenly woke up and pretended that I had never been sleeping. There were only 5 left and I asked my cousin next to me what movie we were up to and he said 5th but he saw me fall asleep and had already told my sister I had fallen asleep. So I was permanently out of the game. I still watched the movie and kept on checking if anyone was awake. Lying there awake were my 2 cousins Canaan and Marian. “It’s all up to you 2 finalist.” They’re really good at not falling asleep in competition and once, my niece Marian slept until 6am.

It was our last movie and Canaan had fallen asleep. Marian was happy as she won for the 3rd time of our sleep over.
The older lots were also having a competition to see who sleeps last and my sister Lana won.

I enjoyed having my cousins, nephews and nieces over. “I couldn't wait till tomorrow.” I told my cousin Marian.”


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