Monday, July 8, 2013

Paris Live on News - The Girl With Gold Locks!!

Reporter: We have just witnessed a girl name Paris who has been ignored by the kingdom her whole life. Paris is here with us today.
So Paris tell us about what has caused this critical situation.

Paris: Well, as you can see I was born with ambras syndrome and gold locks. Everyone who lived in the kingdom I had belonged to were brunette and somehow jealous about my beautiful hair. Ever since I was born all the way to my early teens, I was ignored by everyone in the kingdom.  I felt frightened as I heard in a private meeting that they were planning on killing me. My parents would always act like I wasn’t there at all. One day, I tried to get along with some of the people there, but they refused talking to me. The ignorant and opposition of the kingdom against me has increased a lot.

Reporter: WOW! Thats really sad to hear!

Paris: Yes, it is. It all started when I was brought into the castle of the King one night. He had given me 2 options which had made me afraid. My options were to either spend the rest of my life in prison or to be eaten by the LIONS!!! Of the kingdom. ‘Geeeees, what's up with these people.’ I thought.
After spending 5 years in prison, I was sentenced to caughts and had to live in a cold and dark underground lair. After 2 days sleeping without a blanket, pillow or any food, I felt like giving up until.............. I realized there has been people with me inside the underground lair. I was terrified that they could’ve killed me. But they too were worried and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Suddenly, there was a tall looking boy who drew near me and told me about his life and why he was with us.

I got use to not having any food or drink, even though it’s impossible. That boy had a similar story to mine and he too was kicked out of the same kingdom I was in. So I had looked up to him as a brother until one day.......... I found out he actually was my brother when he told me that everyone in the kingdom was the children of the KING! I was horrified as I thought I had my own family even though they neglected me too. Oh, no wonder why the king said, “My daughter, you have 2 options.....”

Reporter: WOW! Paris, im impressed you have found someone to look up to. I think that you have told us enough. No-one wants to see you feeling emotional. Thanks for being here with us. Well, that is us for today, see you tomorrow same time, same place!!! I am Hosannah Setefano, your reporter for today and this is, Wild life news. "Kakite a popo!"


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