Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Royal Baby!

Princess Kate and Prince William recently had their first child A.K.A "The Royal Baby" at the St Marys Hospital. Queen Elizabeth wasn't that patient because her holiday in Scotland was coming very soon just as the baby was.

It says that they are planning to name it either James or George. I prefer James because I think it's a name not many people have. Anyway,  everyone was happy and a heap of people around the world had already had their decorations and costumes set for celebration.

I am glad that Kate and William has had a boy/son. What a big deal!


Miss K said...

This is a big deal - you are right! New babies are always lovely - even though they can keep their parents awake all night. I too liked James better than George, maybe they will call him Alex (his middle name) at home and leave George for his formal name - who knows?
Great following of current events today Hosannah.

Manaiakalani said...

I can see from your posts that you are keeping up with world events at the same time as having a holiday. Good on you and thanks for sharing. Mrs Burt

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