Monday, July 8, 2013

'Prospective Yailo!'

During our team 5 literacy rotation, one of our task was to write about the short film we had watched, 'Prospective Student.'

Having to reach the top of an unsteady mountain, Yailo restlessly persevered his way through to be accepted into the ‘Class of Master’ with determination. Yailo wearily pushed himself up as he recognized the Dojo from afar. So he walked up the long hill in tiresome.

Finally arriving to the dojo, Yailo came to a monstrous door! He knocked in anxiety and hoped to be accepted in. Hearing footsteps coming closer, the major nerves went into him. A furious, funny looking Sensei answered the towered door and pointed to his right hand side. “What a waste of time!” Yailo thought.

Evening passed and morning came as Yailo moderated in front of the same door wishing the Sensei would welcome him in . Again, footsteps came towards him as he felt solicitous. Mighty Angus Sensei came out and pointed to his right again.

Sadly walking to the side, Yailo felt like he has been rejected BUT................. Grief and anguish suddenly came over him as he clutched his eyes in a mad manner. Returning back to the door, Yailo crouched in karate mode and surprisingly smashed the door open. The Sensei walked out again as Yailo was still in karate mode trying to discipline himself not to be afraid. It was the third time the Sensei had pointed to his right as Yailo realized he was pointing to the sign beside him saying, ‘Please use the side entrance.’ “Ooops, my bad.” Yailo thought in embarrassment.


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