Monday, July 1, 2013

Working With Joshua Iosefo!

We were fortunate to have Joshua Iosefo for our writing rotation. I was inspired by how he taught us about ‘Spoken Words’ and what they meant.

 Spoken words means having a valuable voice and expressing our feelings to those around us. Joshua drew scribbles on the board and got us to write about how we thought about it. This was where my spoken words started:

I see random lines on the whiteboard and maybe it is a sign for our enviroment to be cleaner or it might be showing us a symbol of how our teachers are earning money for doing nothing.

After sharing our thoughts of how we felt about the scribbling, we were given a question and wrote about it.

Question: If you could say anything to the word, what would it be?

I compared the meanings to careless people in our project/community to think about what their doing to affect our environment. Also on those who condemn others by their skin colour or looks. I think that we can actually change the world by helping those who suffer or fail from school, work, or money. You may be wondering, “How could we change the world or make it a better place?” This had just reminded me on the movie, “Freedom Writers.” The teacher felt annoyed by her students complaining on how tedious school was. But she never gave up. She wanted them to leave school happily and for them to have a good courier in the future. So she thought about how she could make a change for them. What did she do? Well she handed them note-books each to treat as a diary and write anything on it especially about things happening to them at home and out of school. In the end of the movie, the students were inspired by their teacher and followed in her steps.

So we cannot just leave problems lying there and not fixing critical situation. MAKE A CHANGE!!

It was cool working with Joshua Iosefo!!!!


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