Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Life's A Stage!! Term 3

For this term (3), our theme is “Life’s A Stage!”

My thoughts for this term’s theme is drama+music, one of my favorite subjects in school. I am excited and looking forward to learning  more about different music types and performing because the school production is coming very soon.
During the term,  learning and creating songs of my own is what I am hoping I could do.

My favorite singer is Beyonce because she is good at reaching high notes and has amazing trills. My dream is to meet her and have a photo with her.

I cannot wait until the school production and what it might be called. I hope that our production is going to be fancy, fun and musical as it is also my last year at Pt England School.
As auditions come, I’d feel agitated to sign up for acting and singing.

Looking forward to more! LIFE’S A STAGE!!!!!!


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